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Business coaching for the New Earth

Guidance for your sacred mission

When old structures and working methods are no longer fulfilling. You get stuck in an old system, feel a call to something new, but don’t yet have a clear idea of what will take its place? Offers Aeréon Blueprint Creations a clear path to your destination.

By focusing on your dream, we embark on a journey in which you create the conditions for your deepest gifts to come to life. We are designing not just a new Earth business model, but a reality in which your innermost being can enter the world. So you can finally start doing what you came here for.


A blueprint is a reality in potential, which can be a deepening in your life, or in your company. By clarifying what you deeply desire, we can energeticly neutralize everything that stands in the way of that dream. From personal, ancestral, social to collective. We make way, and help the universe to manifest your dream on Earth.


Benefits of your unique blueprint

We all come to Earth with a unique wiring and mission. But it is not always compatible with the current system and the market. In some cases we forget our essence, that which gives us meaning. Or we lose touch with reality. A custom made blueprint brings the dream and reality together. This is done through process work, coaching and blueprint development

Different elements

What does the guidance consist of?

Sacred Space & Sacred Laws

By creating clarity that belongs to your mission, clarity is created about what belongs inside and outside your company. This includes defining boundaries to safeguard the company’s mission. With this you know how to guard your sacred laws during your business operations.

Vibrant and Breathing Structures

Frames are flexible and therefore durable. They move along with internal and external developments. The mystery, the indefinable is thus given space. This allows the feminine flowing element to be herself. There is room for spontaneity, sense, passion, flow and fun.

Your ‘new earth’ business

– Learn to say ‘no’ to say ‘yes’ to your blueprint
– Working through blockages, shining light on challenges
– Become familiar with using intuition on your business
– Make use of archetypes as mirrors in situations so that difficult themes are lighter to look at

What you have felt for a long time, but seemed elusive to you, is finally given a place, language and working methods.

Guidance, aftercare during implementation

– Mapping the playing field through systemic work
– The process until the birth of your sacred mission
– Shaping your product, service and/or company
– Ensuring concept and product, that it does not lose the connection with the signature and the dream

– Roadmap, concept and step-by-step plan:
how to put your signature in the world organically.

Blueprint examples

Tools & Models

A blueprint is often initially an energetic model that you can work with. We set the framework, apply cosmic principles and sacred geometry, and load it with your energy and desires. You can then work with it in the energetic layers, and determine how the energy will flow towards matter (creation).

Money Movement

The overarching blueprint developed for the animated money movement. This model ultimately has 13 steps, all of which have different blueprints. It is, as it were, a step-by-step plan in which the new earth, step 13 can be built. Starting at step 1, creating a sacred space.

Sacred Relation Model

Developed together with Jacob Geense. The sacred relationship model. A tool that offers you awareness about different relationship types. It shows where there are leaks, karmic entanglements, why something touches you, or why you reject something that you would like to have closer to you. This model has 13 different layers, from the most intimate destination relationships, to the layer of neighbors and passers-by. Working with this model creates space and clarity, a true space is created in which your being can connect with the earth on all layers. In 1 on 1 guidance we can consciously work on certain layers and heal wounds and traumas.

Life is Art

‘We are all born with a few keys, a few parts of the blueprint, from which we derive so much pleasure that the motor of an inspired life starts to run. But if that motor stops for whatever reason, you get what we call a lockup (burn-out). Or a short circuit. The blueprint of animate life is based on the 12 areas of life, bringing them into harmony creates what we call a harmonious life.


Business Blueprint

Based on the Wheel of Life and the old Medicine Wheel, the business blueprint was created. This model can be used for independent entrepreneurs, to connect all layers and dimensions to your company. Emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. But this model, which is a living structure, can also be used for your organization.

Be Welcome

Bringing your unique color into the world?